What’s in a baby name? Political leanings, data shows

SHARE What’s in a baby name? Political leanings, data shows
SHARE What’s in a baby name? Political leanings, data shows

Not only do Democrats and Republicans have different preferences when it comes to social issues, but data also shows there’s clearly a preference when it comes to baby names as well.

Verdant Labs has analyzed data from the Federal Election Commission as part of a project for a baby name app called Nametrix. Because as they put it, “Babies need names, but maybe not stripper names.”

And if you’re a Democrat, you definitely wouldn’t want them to have a Republican name, and vice versa.

According to Verdant Labs, there are politics associated with first names.

For example, Jonah and Natasha are about as Democratic names as the come, while Duane and Brittney are heavily Republican-leaning.

From Verdant Labs:

“Something else that’s kind of interesting here is that the male name distribution tends to be shaped like a fish, with the Democrat side having a long tail that consists of names that are way more Democratic than Republican. If parents tend to pass down their political affiliations, maybe Republicans tend to be more conservative with male name choices (i.e., choices that have broader appeal). The female distribution is more symmetrical, so perhaps there’s an equal desire for distinctive girl names by both parties.

Take a look at both charts for male and female names and see where your name falls, and if it indeed lines up with your political affiliation.

(The charts are rather large, but you can click on each one, then scroll left and right).

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