Alito rips Canadian Supreme Court’s ‘Santa Claus’ robes

SHARE Alito rips Canadian Supreme Court’s ‘Santa Claus’ robes
SHARE Alito rips Canadian Supreme Court’s ‘Santa Claus’ robes

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito admits the robe he wears on the bench lacks flair and bling like other countries, but is somewhat grateful he’s not dressed up like his Canadian counterparts.

Alito, made the comments over the weekend while giving a lecture on Constitutional history and law for the New York Historical Society, according to CNN.

“It has occurred to me that we American judges have the most boring robes of any judiciary anywhere in the world. Believe it or not — there’s a website for everything — there’s a website, you can check this,” Alito said.

He didn’t specifically name a website, but has an interesting gallery of judicial robes. And while other countries go crazy with the colors and accessories, the U.S. Supreme Court attire is truly lacking.

“If you have nothing else to do, you can compare and we are, we are the plainest, just the plain black robes,” Alito said. “Everywhere else they have colors, they have fur, they have medals. The Supreme Court of Canada … to me, their robes look like they’re dressed up like Santa Claus. Have you seen them? They have red robes and they have white fur around.”

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