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McDonald’s makes Cuties an option in Happy Meals

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has rolled out a new, whole-fruit option in its kids’ meals.

The Oak Brook company will offer Cuties California Clementines as a side choice in Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals through March. The other options are apple slices and Go-GURT, a low-fat strawberry yogurt.

“We know our customers and parents are looking for ways to enjoy more great-tasting and fun sides in our Happy Meals, and Cuties are the perfect fit,” said Greg Watson, McDonald’s senior vice president of menu innovation.

McDonald’s said it tested Cuties in about 70 restaurants near Austin, Texas, before deciding to take them nationwide. The company said it is testing smaller-sized “junior” bananas as another option.

The chain started including apple slices in kids’ meals in March 2012 and added Go-GURT as an option in July 2014.

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