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Four fitness Instagrammers to follow

Instagram is packed with people showing off their workouts and results. And while we’re all for people who take care of their health and are proud of their work, we wanted to find some Instagram accounts that actually have information you can use when you’re working on your own fitness.

These five Instagrammers go beyond the #gymselfie to share workout tips and routines, which are easy to pull up when you’re in the gym and out of ideas.


Since we found out about CHAARG, an on-campus fitness organization for girls in college across the country, we’ve wanted to join. We’re not in college anymore, though (sob) so following them on Instagram is the next best thing. They post regular treadmill and strength training workouts that are definitely challenging (which might remind you again you’re no longer in college), as well as inspirational quotes and workout motivation.

B.J. Gaddour (@bjgaddour)

As a trainer, fitness author and regular contributor to Men’s Health, B.J. Gaddour is always demonstrating creative strength training moves in short videos on his Instagram account. Bonus: He posts high-protein recipes, too.

Bump2Buff (@bump2buff)

Tiffany is a former division one soccer player who struggled with weight gain after having her two children. Not only is her battle to get her body back motivating in itself, but she posts great workouts and short videos demonstrating her moves — most of which she does at home — on Instagram and on her blog of the same name.

Holly Giuliano (@hollygiuliano)

Holly is a fitness instructor in Orange County, California, with a focus on PiYo, a combination of yoga and pilates. Her Instagram videos are largely bodyweight-focused, so the moves can be done anywhere.