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Police investigate Uber driver accused of sexually assaulting passenger

Chicago Police are investigating an Uber driver after a passenger accused him of sexually assaulting her during a ride last month.

The alleged assault occurred on Nov. 16, according to Chicago Police. Further details about the incident were not released.

Officers are in contact with the victim as well as Uber personnel, and the incident remains under investigation, according to police.

No charges had been filed as of Wednesday morning.

The driver was removed from the rideshare service after the incident was reported, according to Uber spokeswoman Jennifer Mullin.

“This is an appalling and unacceptable incident and, first and foremost, our thoughts are with the victim and her family,” Mullin said.

“We immediately removed the driver from the Uber platform when we learned of the incident and are cooperating with the Chicago Police Department in the ongoing investigation,” she said.

“We stand ready to assist them however we can to hold the perpetrator accountable,” Mullin said.