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Airlines’ on-time ratings dip in October

Delays are increasing on U.S. airlines.

The Department of Transportation said Wednesday that 80 percent of domestic flights arrived on-time in October, down from 81.1 percent in September and 84.1 percent in October of last year.

Industry trade group Airlines for America says many of the delays were due to a fire that reduced operations at the air traffic control center in Aurora for 12 days in late September and early October.

Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Delta had the best ratings, while regional carrier Envoy Air had the worst.

About 1.1 percent of October flights were canceled. That was better than September but worse than the previous October.

Here are the government’s rankings of the leading airlines and their on-time performance for October. Some airlines, including Spirit and Allegiant, are not included because they operate fewer flights. The federal government counts a flight as on-time if it arrives within 14 minutes of schedule. Total for all reporting airlines is 80.0 percent

  1. Hawaiian Airlines, 89.7%
  2. Alaska Airlines, 87.2%
  3. AirTran Airways, 87.0%
  4. Delta Air Lines, 86.8%
  5. JetBlue Airways, 83.7%
  6. Virgin America, 83.6%
  7. US Airways, 83.3%
  8. Frontier Airlines, 83.3%
  9. SkyWest, 80.9%
  10. Southwest Airlines, 80.3%
  11. United Airlines, 77.4%
  12. American Airlines, 76.1%
  13. ExpressJet, 75.4%
  14. Envoy Air, 66.2%