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Longtime Cubs fan Coach K on Lester signing: 'Hallelujah'

You want an opinion about the Cubs’ signing of Jon Lester last night?

Sure, you could read what ESPN, FanGraphs, or Hardball Talk had to say on the subject, but how about Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski?

Coach K was on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday, and he provided a simple one-word answer when asked about the new Cubs pitcher.

“Hallelujah,” Krzyzewski said.

The veteran coach then expanded upon his relationship with the Cubs.

“When I grew up I used to take the Damen Avenue bus to Addison,” Krzyzewski said. “(Then) Addison to Sheffield, with my buddies, even when we were 10 years old. It used to be you could do that in the city.”

Krzyzewski later reveals that he was at the notorious Bartman game.

“I was in the right field bleachers,” he said. “And as all that was going on, I was yelling ‘CALL A TIMEOUT!’ I was. I was going nuts. Everyone was yelling A-something, and 40,000 people, and we’re giving up the lead. Let’s fake an injury or let’s get control of this situation. I saw it going down the drain. And from the right field bleachers, I don’t know, it was frustrating. Frustrating.”

As a fan, Krzyzewski said that’s the worst loss he’s ever experienced. As a coach, he said it would be any time Duke made it to an NCAA final and lost.

Watch the full interview: