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KiQplan runs a diet and fitness regimen from your phone

January 1’s diet and fitness resolutions are looming, so it’s probably time to figure out how you’re going to hit your goals in 2015.

If hiring a trainer or dietician is out of your price range, KiQplan might be a good option. Created by UK fitness wearable company Fitbug, KiQplan is a customizable wellness program app that uses information collected through your smartphone or fitness wearable.

First, you select the $19.99 program that applies to you: Slim and Trim is for women looking to lose weight and get toned; Beer Belly Blaster is similar, but for men; and Healthy Baby Bump and Goodbye Baby Bump are for women during and after pregnancy. The programs are for sale at Target and at

By pairing your chosen program with your phone and any fitness band or device, you can share information about yourself with KiQplan and customize the recipes, workouts and overall goals of your program. Each 12-week program sets goals in activity, nutrition and sleep, provides you with workout videos each week and allows you to track your progress in a variety of ways.

You’ll need to enter the information about what you eat and how you workout into the app, which can also be done with a linked fitness band. The app can be paired with any Apple or Android device, and work with bands like Jawbone, Nike Fuel and more.