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Detectives try to find owners of stolen laptops, iPod, camera

Chicago Police are searching for the owners of several laptops, cameras and an iPod that were recovered from suspects in a string of North Side burglaries.

Two people have been charged with the burglaries that took place between March and November, according to Chicago Police.

Several items that were taken have since been recovered, and detectives are asking the public to claim their stolen property.

The items include:

—Google Chrome Book, Serial No. 3A1600554

—Apple MacBook, W8827KHW0P1

—Apple MacBook Pro,W88507Yp1G0

—Apple MacBook Pro, W803800RGQL

—Apple MacBook, W88310P5OP5

—FujiFilm 16 Mega Pixel Camera, 2TB99944

—Apple iPod, 8gb, PC926KZL201.

Anyone who thinks any of the stolen items may be theirs can call Area North detectives at (312) 744-8263. You must provide proof of purchase or ownership to claim items.