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Report: ISIS trying to sell James Foley’s remains for $1 million

ISIS is reportedly trying to engage in a gruesome way to raise funds for its operations, by selling the remains of one of the Americans it has beheaded in Syria.

Buzzfeed reports that three sources in contact with ISIS wants to sell the remains of James Foley, a journalist who was executed in August. The asking price is $1 million, and ISIS would then deliver the body across the border in Turkey. A DNA sample would also be provided to prove it’s Foley’s body.

Buzzfeed granted the three sources anonymity to protect their safety. All three are seeking to act as middlemen in the ISIS deal.

A former Syrian rebel “said he was approached by an ISIS leader who asked him to find a channel to either the U.S. government or Foley’s family. Like the other sources, he noted a price of $1 million and the promise of DNA.”

“They ask for $1 million, and they will send DNA to Turkey, but they want the money first,” he said. “They will not give the DNA without the money.”

A U.S. State Department official said “we are seeking more information,” while a senior U.S. diplomat called such a move by ISIS “disgusting.”

Via Buzzfeed