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Police searching for suspects in videotaped Blue Line attack

The video shows two young men, possibly boys, taunting and slapping an elderly man on a CTA train — and laughing about it.

At some point, the youths mug for the person behind the cellphone camera recording the incident.

Though it’s not clear when the video was taken, Chicago Police were notified about its existence Thursday. The incident occurred on a westbound Blue Line train approaching the Racine stop.

Police are working with CTA officials, who say the attack was not reported to police at the time.

The CTA is pulling additional surveillance footage to assist with the investigation and is asking any riders who witnessed the attack to come forward with information.

Community activist Andrew Holmes was among those handing out fliers near the Racine stop Thursday, in an effort to help solve the case. As of Friday afternoon, Holmes said he and others have received about 70 phone calls from tipsters. He said he’s confident he knows the identities of the two young men in the video as well as of the person taking the video. Holmes said he’s shared that information with police.

Contributing: Luke Wilusz

Video courtesy of ABC-7 Chicago