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Go vegan for a month with Veganuary

Looking to clean up your act for the month of January? Try Veganuary.

It’s a lot like Movember, minus the mustaches, plus veganism.

Veganuary challenges you to be vegan for the month of January in an effort to take better care of your body and reduce animal suffering. Founders Matthew Glover and Jane Land, both vegans, began the challenge in January of this year in the U.K. and were amazed at the response.

1500 people have already pledged to try Veganuary in 2015, and Chicago is the city in the U.S. with the most participants, according to the website. hopes to be a resource for new vegans who want to learn about what avoiding meat and animal products in general can do for your health and our environment. Sign up on the website, where you can get vegan recipes, lists of vegan products, a guide to eating in restaurants as a vegan and interact with a vegan community.

The site has British, Australian and American versions, so make sure you click on your flag to read about the recipes and products that are available to you when you’re vegan.