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Sun-Times Picks: Saints at Bears on ‘Monday Night Football’

The Sun-Times’ experts weigh in on the Bears’ primetime matchup against the New Orleans Saints on “Monday Night Football.”


Saints 38-27

Wait, what does this have to do with the Cubs and Jon Lester? Or the White Sox and Jeff Samardzija? This game not only is irrelevant, it feels like being force-fed vegetables that you hate. The only way to make this matchup of 5-8 teams interesting would be to put Phil Emery, Marc Trestman and Jay Cutler are in dunk tanks for our halftime entertainment. How soon before the season ends? Season: 7-6


Saints 30-2

I’m trying to think of which teams I’m sure the Bears could beat. The Buccaneers and Jets. The Jags. The Titans, maybe. The Raiders? Ha! That sorry team won last week.Notre Dame? Perhaps. I’d like to think the Bears could riddle the Saints porous defense, but I thought that about other defenses. Fool. Season: 8-5


Saints 31-20

Fortunately for the Saints, the NFC South is a trash heap and they’re still in the playoff race. Unfortunately for the Bears, they could be described in similar terms after offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer’s recent revelation was just added to the rest of their mess. The Saints have something to play for. The Bears are dysfunction personified. Where do you think this is headed? Season: 6-7


Saints 38-23

Bears are out of the playoff picture, haven’t played well at home, are without Brandon Marshall, are having a miserable season and are wracked by dysfunction even more than normal this week with offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer’s apology for disparaging Jay Cutler. Other than that, they’ve got everything going their way. Season: 9-4


Bears 20-18

Since beating the Bears on Oct. 5, the Carolina Panthers hadn’t won a game — until they beat the Saints by a whopping 31 points last week. The Saints might be in a worse place than the Bears, which is really, really hard to do. Call it a hunch. Season: 7-6


Saints 30-24

Honestly, as I type this, I don’t even know for sure who the Bears head coach will be, let alone whether they can win or not. So the X’s and O’s on this one are a waste of time. You never know how a team will react to the mess the Bears are in right now but I do know this: The Saints are in good shape for a playoff spot if they just win games. Season: 8-5