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Ultimate Chicago Gift Guide: Audio Aficionado

Eating local is all the rage. Why not shop local too?

Check back here every day for a classically Chicagoan take on the holiday gift guide. Here, you’ll find either a sophisticated or fun holiday gift item made by a Chicagoan, produced by Chicagoans, inspired by Chicagoans or sold exclusively in Chicago.


It’s no secret that Transistor is one of the city’s coolest electronic shops and art galleries. They sell a ton of cool stuff there, but for someone looking for the next big thing in audio, check out Stellé Audio: Pillar. It’s a Bluetooth speaker, with speakerphone capabilities, that sounds as good as it looks and is a stylish selection for both home and office. Ringing in for $299, it’s a fun device for the audio aficionado and comes in a few of the more popular modern colors, including brushed aluminum and pewter.

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