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Sony hacking postpones Kevin Hart film promotion

This weekend, I was supposed to be in Los Angeles to chat with actor and funnyman Kevin Hart about his upcoming “The Wedding Ringer” movie, also starring Josh Gad.

Unfortunately, the Sony hacking scandal led to the press interviews being postponed, as the studio honchos realized there would be tons of questions for the actor about him being called a “whore” in an email sent to Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Amy Pascal.

At issue was Hart’s supposed demand for more money to promote a film on Twitter, where he is followed by 14.5 million fans.

In the wake of that email being revealed by the Sony hackers, Hart himself took to Twitter to defend himself and his right to protect his own “brand.”

Naturally, “The Wedding Ringer” producers were worried the press questions about the scandal would eclipse queries about the movie — hence the press junket postponement. “The Wedding Ringer” is scheduled to open Jan. 16.

• As the hacking scandal continues to boil over — with emails revealing comments that range from merely insulting or unflattering to downright racist, about stars including Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith — rumors were flying over the weekend that Pascal would be forced to step down from her position atop the Sony film empire.