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Trestman: Aaron Kromer drama brought team closer together

Bears head coach Marc Trestman found a positive way to spin the drama that enveloped Halas Hall last week.

The Bears’ second-year coach said the fallout from offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer’s comments to an NFL Network reporter and his tearful apology have brought the team closer together.

“I just go by the demeanor of our football team during the week,” Trestman said on WBBM Newsradio Monday morning. “A lot of things that appeared to be outside the building, these distractions can certainly bring a team together. Our team was able to capture that and turn this into a very positive work week for us.”

There have been a number of “positive” work weeks for the Bears this season. Remember the 50-plus points allowed to Green Bay and New England? Pretty sure Trestman called those positive weeks, too.

As for how the incidents of last week will affect the offense, Trestman said the team needs no further motivation to work hard.

“Well, I can only tell you that these guys have worked very hard during the week,” Trestman said. “They don’t need any extra motivation. They know, quite frankly, that they haven’t played up to the expectations of themselves or the fans. So they’re gonna do everything they can to get that done.”

You can listen to the full interview here.