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Joe Biden for president? Only 2 percent support him, poll shows

There isn’t much for Vice President Joe Biden to smile about in a newly-released poll.

Biden, who has indicted he’s interested in launching a 2016 presidential bid, might be facing an even bigger uphill battle than previously thought, according to the poll released today by Monmouth University.

The poll, which was conducted among 386 registered voters who identify themselves as a Democrat, showed only 2 percent of those responding said they’d like to see Biden as the Democratic nominee. That’s right, only two percent.

Once again, Hillary Clinton came out on top, with 48 percent saying they want her as the nominee. Six percent opted for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who today said “I am not running for president. You want me to put an exclamation point at the end?”

The poll does have a large number of undecideds (32 percent), while 7 percent of the Democrats said they “do not want Democrat as president.”

Of those polled, 48 percent said they think it would be better if Clinton faced an a solid primary challenge instead of wrapping up the nomination early.

h/t: Washington Post