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Mel B’s appearance raises questions about husband

There is a lot of speculation today about former Spice Girl Mel B and the nature of her marriage to producer Stephen Belafonte — with questions being raised about possible domestic violence.

For the record, Belafonte, who is no relation to the famous entertainer Harry Belafonte, has turned to Twitter to firmly deny he has beaten his wife.

Mel B, a judge on the British version of “The X Factor,” was rushed to a London hospital last week after supposedly collapsing due to stomach pain. There were reports she was suffering from an ulcer — an ailment serious enough to force the singer to miss the first part of the live “X Factor UK” finale on Saturday.

She was released from the hospital on Sunday and did attend the second part of the live finale that day. However, her appearance — especially what seemed to be makeup covering bruises on her face — fueled online speculation that Mel B is the victim of abuse. The entertainer also appeared to be physically weak every time she attempted to stand up. In addition, she was not wearing her wedding ring.

After all the speculation took off — including messages from Mel B’s sister and mother, accusing Belafonte of not informing them about their daughter and sister’s condition — Belafonte tweeted, “I don’t usually respond to Twitter msgs but I will respond to comments of hitting my wife which I think are quite disgusting un true. Mel was very ill a bunch of doctors helped her get better if fans can’t just relax B4 being negative they r not real fans of @OfficialMelB.”

As for Mel B — whose summer job is judging “America’s Got Talent” on NBC — she had no comment as of Monday evening, on Twitter or elsewhere. Her lack of support for her husband’s denial has many doubting his claims.