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30,000 bought Cards Against Humanity’s poop

Sometimes you get exactly what you order. And after it arrives, you wonder if a lump of coal might have been a better choice.

So it was with the special Black Friday offering from Cards Against Humanity: a box of poop.

About 30,000 people ordered the $6 box and the inventory quickly sold out. Shipments started arriving last week and some people apparently are surprised by what they got. The cardboard shipping box has a poop emoji on the outside. And inside is a shrink-wrapped, black box that resembles the card game but is labeled “Bullshit.”

What you find inside is a lump of dried poop.

It’s not as if buyers weren’t warned. Max Temkin, co-founder of the Chicago-based game design company, tweeted this:

That didn’t stop nerds across the Internet from speculating that the box might not actually contain shit, but some exclusive new Cards Against Humanity content. They were wrong, writes Andy Cush at Gawker

Profits from the sale are “fittingly going to Heifer International,” Adweek reports.

If you didn’t order and feel you missed out, check eBay. Several unopened boxes are being offered for sale.

All in all, paying for a box of dried poop is still better than a neighborhood kid leaving a flaming bag of it on your doorstep.

Here’s an unboxing video if you want to watch it. (Warning: There is some salty language. Really.)