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Bill Cosby’s daughter now speaks out about allegations

It was short, if not exactly sweet, but Evin Cosby, the daughter of embattled TV legend Bill Cosby released a brief statement to “Access Hollywood” about the swirling scandal engulfing her father.

In her statement Evin Cosby said, “He is the FATHER you thought you knew. ‘The Cosby Show’ was my today’s TV reality show. Thank you. That’s all I would like to say.”

The actor and comedian’s 38-year-old daughter has also posted comments on her Facebook page that were more extensive observations about both the subject of rape and the recollections of those who have claimed to have been victims of sexual assault.

Along with sending a message to her mother, Camille Cosby (after the entertainer’s wife released a statement in support of her husband and Evin’s father), Evin shared her thoughts about rape, calling it a “serious allegation and it is supposed to be taken VERY seriously, but so is falsely accusing someone. When someone rapes a person, they go to prison. That also should happen to the person that has wrongfully accused an innocent victim. They are not ONLY destroying innocent people’s life, they are ALSO making it hard for the MEN and Women to find justice when they have been raped.”

Calling into question the women who have brought allegations against her dad, Evin Cosby also wrote, “Drugged — you can remember the whole damn day, but you were drugged? Just sayin. Memory — you can remember you looked at (allegedly) each other, people were staring allegedly remembering your home address allegedly the name you called him allegedly, but you were allegedly drugged.”