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Five great fitness apps for your phone

Your smartphone can be an incredibly useful tool when it comes to getting fit. There are apps for every kind of workout known to man; apps dedicated to toning one body part; calorie counting apps; apps that link you up with a fitness community and apps that hook you up with a nutritionist.

Here are some of our favorites:

30 Day Fitness Challenge, iPhone and Android, $3.99This extremely slick-looking app has 20 30-day challenges targeting a specific exercise, like squats, planks or pushups. Each day gets a little tougher. The app comes with helpful video tutorials to teach the correct form of each exercise, and a place to share your goals achieved on social media.Rise 1:1 Nutrition Coaching, iPhone only, app is free but subscriptions range from $14,99 to $89.99Rise assigns you a real, live nutritionist who helps you choose a goal and reach it, whether it’s weight loss, sports conditioning or pre- or post-natal nutrition. The nutritionist creates a plan for you, and you stay accountable with photos of what you eat and daily feedback.• C25K 5K Trainer, iPhone and Android, freeThis free app promises to take you from couch potato to 5K runner in eight weeks. The app leads your 30 minute workouts three times a week, prompting you to run or walk through your headphones while you listen to a playlist you select.• Nike+ Training Club, iPhone and Android, freeDozens of Weight loss, strength-building and toning workouts are loaded into this Nike app and divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. For each workout, you’re given a series of moves and the length of time to do them. Each move is demonstrated in a video and still photos, and you can download each workout onto your phone to be talked through it and timed. These workouts require some equipment, so they probably require you to go to a gym.• Body Weight Training: You Are Your Own Gym, iPhone and Android, $2.99The 200 exercises that are catalogued in this app require absolutely no equipment. The app will lead you through short workouts and ten-week fitness programs that can be done anywhere using video and voice prompts. The workouts, which are designed by fitness author and trainer Mark Lauren, include timed sections of tabata, ladders, intervals and more.