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Potbelly to open restaurants in London

Potbelly Corp. has signed up a franchisee to open Potbelly Sandwich Shops in London.

Chicago-based Potbelly expects 10 restaurants to open in London during the next five years, according to a regulatory filing.

Potbelly president and CEO Aylwin Lewis mentioned the company was looking to expand to Europe during a a forum Tuesday at the Executive’s Club of Chicago.

Potbelly had 319 company-owned restaurants in 23 states and the District of Columbia as of Sept. 28. It also had 14 franchise-owned shops in the U.S. and 12 international restaurants.

The company completed an initial public offering Oct. 3, 2013. Its shares are traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol PBPB. Shares were trading for $11.98 on Wednesday. In the past 52 weeks, Potbelly shares have closed as high as $26.48 and as low as $10.91.