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Police: Trio stole $168 in change from parked cars

Brandon M. Paopao / photo from Skokie police

(SKOKIE) Three Chicago men told officers they stole electronics, cash and credit cards from parked vehicles in north suburban Skokie and Lincolnwood last week, police said.

Officers were called to the 8500 block of Springfield Avenue at 5:05 a.m. on Sept. 25 over reports of three men on bikes looking into parked vehicles, according to a statement from Skokie police.

The officers searched the area and found Brandon M. Paopao, Giovanni Shabazz and Jamell J. Sims, all 18, standing next to bikes at a nearby store, police said. They appeared to be “weighed down” and were wearing multiple layers of clothing with bulging pockets, police said.

Giovanni Shabazz / photo from Skokie police

Searches of the three men turned up digital and video cameras, multiple pairs of sunglasses, cellphone accessories, iPhones and iPods, cash, credit cards and prescription drugs that weren’t in any of their names, a Dell laptop, a computer mouse and about $168 in loose change, police said.

Paopao, of the 3100 block of North Leavitt; Shabazz, of the 3500 block of West Berteau and Sims, of the 3400 block of West Sunnyside, told investigators the items found on them were proceeds from vehicle burglaries they had committed in Skokie and Lincolnwood, police said.

Jamell J. Sims / photo from Skokie police

The men were arrested and criminal charges have been filed against them, although police did not immediately specify the exact charges.

They were each given $10,000 recognizance bonds, police said. They’re scheduled to appear in court Oct. 6.