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Cupich says he is happy with his new home

Newly-installed Archbishop Blase Cupich said Thursday morning that his modest living quarters at the rectory of Holy Name Cathedral are still a disorganized jumble of empty boxes, but he’s happy to call Chicago home.

“I just hope Monsignor (Daniel) Mayall doesn’t have room inspections to see what my room looks like,” Cupich joked while addressing a who’s-who crowd at a welcome-to-Chicago breakfast Thursday morning at the Union League Club.

Cupich chose to live at the near North Side rectory rather than the 19-chimney Gold Coast mansion traditionally occupied by Chicago’s archbishop.

“Somebody said I might have trouble sleeping because of all the traffic and night noise and sirens,” Cupich told reporters after the event. “But I can tell you, I’ve slept very well. I think it’s because I’m very tired at the end of the day.”

Cupich recalled a unique way one of his siblings summed up all the media attention he’s been getting this week: “I don’t get it, you’re just not that interesting.”

“While all the lights and the cameras are important in the first few days,” Cupich said, “they are going to ebb, and I can get on with the every day business of life.”

Cupich, who said he’s still trying to remember everyone’s name, plans to meet again this week with his predecessor, Cardinal Francis George, who also attended the breakfast and addressed the crowd.

“This is an occasion that brings mixed feelings, mixed emotions,” said George, who’s battling cancer and was on crutches.

“Truly, from my heart, I want to thank you with every feeling that I have for being part of this great city and part of my life . . . and I hope to continue to be part of yours in some way in the future. God bless you all.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel hosted the event.