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WATCH: Derrick Rose appeared to get hurt in midair

Was it a re-tweak of the left hamstring? One of the ankles? Or the sudden forethought of his son’s graduation? Whatever the case, Bulls guard Derrick Rose left the game last night against the Nuggets late in the second quarter after apparently injuring himself in midair.

Soon after the play (below), Rose pulled up lame on a fastbreak and was removed from the game by coach Tom Thibodeau. Initial word from the Bulls said Rose was experiencing “tightness” in the hamstring.

Thibs had a different view after the game: “It was really nothing that happened, other than I didn’t really want to take any chances with him. The way the game was going, the way we were going, I just felt at that point I wanted to go a different way. He didn’t re-injure himself or anything like that.’’