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Scammers trying to cash in on Ebola outbreak

The Illinois Attorney General’s office said it has received complaints of several possible email scams related to the Ebola outbreak.

One email says it will provide an Ebola “surplus personal protection kit.”

The price: $29.

The email says the kit will provide “infection defense for emergency response teams,” the statement said.

“People being quarantined,” one subject line reads. “Ebola outbreak pandemic update,” another says.

One email includes a link to a “civilian crisis protocol,” but the attorney general’s office said clicking it will likely give the user’s computer a virus.

“We suspect these emails are the handiwork of scammers seeking to take advantage of people’s understandable fear and anxiety surrounding this international public health risk,” Attorney General Lisa Madigan said in a statement.

Those seeking information on protocol in the event of a suspected Ebola case should visit the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website, the statement said.