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Frigid temps might hit historic lows

Be wary, Chicago.

Be prepared for a chilly Monday and possible record-setting low temperatures on Tuesday.

Monday’s high temperature is forecast at just 24 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

With the wind chill factored in, Monday night’s temperature could feel like 4 degrees below zero.

On Tuesday, Chicago is expected to see temperatures below the 20s, possibly breaking a record set on Nov. 18, 1903, said Gino Izzi, a weather service meteorologist.

“The record cold for Nov. 18 is 22 degrees,” Izzi said. “We’re forecasted to be near or below 22 degrees Tuesday. And our records go back to 1871.”

Chicago will struggle to even reach the 20s, with a wind chill likely to drop below zero, Izzi said.