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FBI offers reward for information about ‘Play-Along Bandit’

Federal authorities are seeking information about a man they have dubbed the “Play-Along Bandit,” suspected of robbing five banks across the city since October.

Surveillance image of the “Play-Along Bandit” / photo from the FBI

The bandit most recently robbed a Harris Bank branch at 1620 W. 95th St. on Dec. 6, according to a statement from the FBI. He approached the teller, made a threatening demand for money and implied he was armed, although he did not display a weapon.

He has been dubbed the “Play-Along Bandit” because of the way he tries to blend in and act like a regular bank customer as he enters and exits the banks, the FBI said. He has even greeted security guards as he walked past them.

He is also suspected of robbing:

—First Merit Bank, 1715 W. 47th, on Nov. 25;

—Citi Bank, 2000 W. 79th, on Nov. 14;

—Fifth Third Bank, 8140 S. Ashland, on Oct. 28; and

—ABC Bank, 9443 S. Ashland, on Oct. 18.

The bandit is described as a black man between 25 and 30 who is about 5-foot-8, the FBI said.

Surveillance image of the “Play-Along Bandit” / photo from the FBI

He has worn a variety of jackets during the robberies, one of which had a “distinct pattern” across the chest, according to the FBI. He has also consistently worn what appears to be the same black knit skullcap with a small brim in front.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to his identification and arrest. Anyone with information should call the FBI at (312) 421-6700.