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Doug McDermott says he's no photobomber

Bulls rookie Doug McDermott was in the spotlight Tuesday after he apparently photobombed a picture with Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and rapper Kid Ink.

Asked about the media firestorm that ensued before Wednesday’s practice, McDermott said he’s not a photobomber.

“Everyone kind of took it the wrong way, too,” he told ESPN. “They sent me out there for the captains’ deal, being a rookie — I asked those guys, I asked Blake, ‘You don’t probably want me in this picture then, do you?’ He’s like, ‘No, get in.’ So I jumped in, and then after we took the picture, they caught us at the perfect time, he’s like, ‘Now, get out of here.’ And he shoved me away. So it looks a lot worse than it actually was.

“Everyone asked me if I photobombed Kid Ink,” McDermott said. “I’m like, ‘No, man. That had nothing to do with me.'”

This story was so much funnier when McDermott was actually a photobomber.

[h/t Deadspin for the photo]