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Wife of man struck by falling branch files wrongful death suit

A woman has filed a lawsuit claiming her husband died nearly two years after he was struck by a falling tree branch while working for a landscaping company.

Michael B. Woods, of Chicago, was working for Peland Best Landscaping in October 2012 when a large tree branch broke off and struck him in the head, according to a suit filed by his wife Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court. The suit — which names the landscaping company and its owner — alleges Woods died in June 2014 as a result of the injuries.

Woods’ wife claims the owner was working above Woods in the tree attempting to remove a large tree branch when it broke off.

The suit goes on to state the company’s owner was negligent in failing to train Woods to properly trim and remove trees, did not properly secure the tree branch and failed to take proper precautions. As a result, the owner “allowed and/or caused the tree branch to fall unimpeded, striking Woods in the head,” the suit states.

The four-count suit claims negligence and wrongful death and seeks at least $2 million in damages.

A business listing for Peland Best Landscaping could not be located Wednesday evening.