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Rank-and-file cop union seeks records of sergeant applicants

The city of Chicago denied the rank-and-file police union’s Freedom of Information Act request asking for the names of officers who applied to be sergeants. Now, the union is asking the Cook County Circuit Court to overturn the city’s denial.

On Sept. 29, the Fraternal Order of Police filed a FOIA request with the city asking for “the rank order list of Chicago Police Officers who took the most recent promotional examination for promotion to the rank of Sergeant,” according to a lawsuit filed by the union Tuesday.

On Oct. 6, the city denied the request, contending the records sought are exempt from FOIA disclosure because they invade the applicants’ personal privacy, according to a letter attached to the lawsuit as evidence.

The release of applicants’ names could also “hinder the City’s ability to attract qualified candidates,” the city wrote. “Additionally, individuals may be reluctant to apply for positions with the City of Chicago if a third party can access lists of applicants of job candidates.”

A spokesman for the city’s Law Department did not respond to request for comment Wednesday evening.

The union is asking the court to overturn the city’s denial and compensate it for court and attorney fees.