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Bulls star Derrick Rose will sit out tonight against Pacers

Derrick Rose, nursing a hamstring injury he suffered near the end of the Bulls’ 100-93 victory in Toronto on Thursday, will not play Saturday night against the Indiana Pacers.

Coach Tom Thibodeau says Rose was feeling much better Saturday than the day before.

“He needs time,” Thibodeau said after the Bulls’ shootaround on Saturday. “We’re going to give him time. It’s day to tday. He’s a lot better today than he was yesterday. We’ll see how it goes.’’

Kirk Hinrich is expected to start in Rose’s place. He and Aaron Brooks have helped the Bulls get off to a 7-2 record despite Rose’s injury-riddled start, which also has been hampered by ankle sprains.

“That’s why it’s a team,’’ Thibs said. “We understand that Derrick coming back is of big interest to a lot of people. But we have a lot of guys playing very well. The thing I don’t want to get lost in it are the guys that are doing a great job.

“We probably haven’t talked about Jimmy [Butler] enough. Jimmy’s been terrific on both ends. He and Pau [Gasol] are leading the way for us right now. Joa [Joakim Noah] is coming on, getting strong and stronger. He and Pau are developing chemistry. There’s a lot of good stuff going on with the team.’’

The Pacers (3-7) haven’t fared as well during their injury-riddled start to this season.