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Lake Villa District 41 updates lockdown details

The following is from a statement posted to the District 41 Lake Villa homepage regarding the so-called soft lockdown schools are under during an ongoing manhunt:

September 25, 2014 – 11:00 a.m. – Notice – Palombi, Martin, Thompson, are currently on a soft lock down due to police activity in the area. Please continue to visit the website for updates.

All Kindergarten parents and guardians are currently being contacted regarding the situation.

Thompson and Martin School morning Kindergarten students will be remaining in the buildings until the lock down is lifted. Morning Kindergarten students will be fed lunch.

Day Care providers have been notified to either keep afternoon Kindergarten students at their facility or transport them to Hooper School which is currently not in lock down.

Morning Kindergarten parents will be notified when the lock down has been lifted to arrange transport home.

Please do not try and pick up your students as you will not be allowed to enter the building at this time.

Please continue to visit the district website for updates.