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Brandon McCarthy has the perfect comeback for Ryan Theriot

A former Cubs player sounded off on Twitter, and a former White Sox player put him in his place.

Ryan Theriot laughed at the Dodgers’ hiring of Farhan Zaidi from the A’s as general manager.

The second comment, that GMs have to have playing experience, comes from the same category of stupid as players who say fans can’t have an opinion because they don’t play the game.

Brandon McCarthy managed to put Theriot in his place.

Theriot maintained his (wrong) argument and replied:

And McCarthy then let loose:

Theriot and McCarthy played in Chicago at the same time. Theriot played for the Cubs from 2005-2010, and McCarthy was with the White Sox in 2005 and 2006.

Theriot won World Series rings with the Cardinals in 2011 and the Giants in 2012.

In this version of a Sox-Cubs showdown, the Sox take it.

(h/t Sports Illustrated)