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Fire reported at North Side ComEd substation

A fire was reported at a ComEd substation on the North Side Friday morning.

Fire and smoke were reported at a substation near Ravenswood and Rosehill about 8:20 a.m., a ComEd spokesman said.

Firefighters have the fire under control, he said, and no power outages were reported.

Crews wrap up at Ravenswood and Rosehill after an electrical fire. | Craig Newman/Sun-Times

Chicago Police blocked several streets around a ComEd substation fire at Ravenswood and Rosehill on Friday morning. | Craig M. Newman / Sun-Times

Chicago Police talk with a ComEd employee at a ComEd facility at 1777 West Rosehill Dr. after a substation fire had been struck on Friday morning. | Craig M. Newman / Sun-Times