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Ultimate Chicago Gift Guide: Holiday vino

Eating local is all the rage. Why not shop local too?

Check back here every day for a classically Chicagoan take on the holiday gift guide. Here, you’ll find either a sophisticated or fun holiday gift item made by a Chicagoan, produced by Chicagoans, inspired by Chicagoans or sold exclusively in Chicago.


It seems that everybody has a wine, but not everybody is launching his wine at the local Mariano’s grocery chain. Celebrity Chef Fabio Viviani’s eponymous line is launching in Chicago via the rapidly expanding retailer and could prove to be a welcome, last-minute addition to any holiday table. Translation: You are too close to Christmas to mess around hunting for a gift, so pick up a bottle and bring it with you for dinner. It’s also the right price, between $13 -15 retail. The collection includes a 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2012 Chardonnay.

The grapes are Californian, but it’s pretty cool that Chicago gets first dibs on the line. Best news: You don’t even have to come downtown to find it. Mariano’s are rapidly expanding in various parts of the city. The rest of the country won’t get the line until 2015 – so consider yourself part of an exclusive crowd.

Adds Viviani: “Growing up in Italy, wine was always on the dinner table. It’s a passion of mine that symbolizes family and culture and is an important part of every meal. As a chef, part of my job is making people happy through food, and with this new venture we’ve been able to apply the same mindset and skill set to create a delicious wine.”


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