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America has trust issues with both Democrats, Republicans

Which party is more trustworthy: Democrats or Republicans? It all depends on the issues, a new poll shows.

The Rasmussen Reports poll shows that Americans put their trust in Republicans when it comes to the economy and national security. When it comes to health care, education and the environment, are more trustworthy.

The poll was conducted among 1,000 likely voters and touched on more than a dozen major issues Rasmussen regularly tracks.

Republicans win the trust battle on the economy, national security, Afghanistan, taxes, job creation, government spending, small business and gun control.

Democrats win on energy, immigration, government ethics and corruption, health care, Social Security, education and the environment.

Republicans had their biggest lead on government spending (46 percent to 29 percent) while Democrats had a 20-point lead on the environment (50 percent to 30 percent).