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Victory Gardens hosts ‘We Must Breathe: A Response from Chicago Playwrights and Poets’

It’s sold out, but you can still stream it live. On Thursday, Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. Chicago’s Victory Gardens Theater presents “We Must Breathe: A Response from Chicago Playwrights and Poets.” The gathering will “discuss issues of inequality and race through performance and conversation.”

The evening is moderated by Congo Square Theatre’s artistic director Samuel Roberson and directed by Victory Gardens associate artistic producer Joanie Schultz. Participants include Victory Gardens Ensemble playwrights Marcus Gardley (“The Gospel of Lovingkindness”;”Black Odyssey”) and Tanya Saracho (“El Nogalar”;”Mala Hierba”), Nambi Kelley (“Native Son”), Andrew Hinderaker (“Dirty”;”Suicide Incorporated)”, Kristiana Colón (“Octagon”;”Lack on Lack”), Calamity West (“The Peacock”; “The Gacy Play), Damon Williams (“Lack on Lack”), Nikki Patin (Surviving the Mic), Javon Smith (Louder than a Bomb), Kevin Coval (Young Chicago Authors) and Malcolm London (Young Chicago Authors), among others.

The live stream can be seen here at

“As a theater that passionately believes in civil discourse and social justice, Victory Gardens will provide a venue for Chicago playwrights, poets, actors and community members to respond to these recent events the best way they know how — through their art,” Victory Gardens artistic director Chay Yew said in a written statement. “We hope this gathering will allow our artists and our city to find better ways for a more equitable America.”