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The Stephen Colbert Supercut: a medley of on-air crack-ups

Throughout his nine-year run on Comedy Central, which ends Thursday, Dec. 18, Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert has made countless millions of people laugh. Occasionally, he (with assistance from his writing staff) has cracked himself up. Thanks to an entertaining new video supercut making the cyber rounds, you can see all of those instances in just under 14 minutes.

At least once during his Second City days in the early 1990s, Colbert grew furious at himself for laughing onstage and breaking character as the result of improvised silliness by his mischievous co-star Amy Sedaris (she donned goofy teeth and grinned widely).

“I was so mad that we finished the song and then I f—— blew offstage and went and locked myself in the bathroom like a teenage girl, and banged my head against the wall with rage,” he recalled several years ago.

We’re guessing he’s a bit easier on himself these days.

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