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2 obstetricians answer future moms’ questions on app

It’s been a long time since I was pregnant, but I still remember there were dozens of questions that ran through my mind those nine months.

Some could keep until my regular checkups, but others I just wanted to know the answers to right then and there. Or, I felt silly to spend my midwife’s time having her answer. Although I do remember asking, despite feeling foolish, this one: I never dream about the baby; what’s up with that? (Her answer was that working 60-hour weeks while pregnant put me into such a deep sleep I wasn’t remembering my dreams.)

There’s a new app designed for moms-to-be and their frequent questions. Called Pregnancy Companion: The Obstetrician’s Mobile Guide to Pregnancy, the app has two board certified OB-GYN doctors among its three co-founders.

The app offers daily updates the mom-to-be and baby’s well-being as well as other pregnancy-related pertinent information that’s based on the woman’s due date.

A woman could also use the app to track her own milestones through pregnancy and there’s even a feature that allows one to show for products. Or, to look up any medication to see about safety during pregnancy.

There’s also what would be my favorite: a lengthy list of Frequently Asked Questions and the answers from the app’s two doctors.

Find it in the APP Store.