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VOTE: Shedd Aquarium, ‘GMA’ partner to name sea otter Pup 681

Voting has begun at the “Good Morning America” website to name the Shedd Aquarium’s beloved little “Pup 681” sea otter, and you are asked to cast your vote for your favorite name.

Choose from the five names selected by Shedd’s marine mammal staff:

Cali – To honor the California otter

Ellie – Año Nuevo State Park is well known for its elephant seals, also Elkhorn Slough – an area that is right up the coast from Monterey that is home to many sea otters

Luna – Derived from nearby Half Moon Bay

Poppy – California State Flower

Aña or Anya – Derived from Año Nuevo State Park

Voting ends Dec. 11. The winning name will be announced on Dec. 12.

The rescued southern sea otter pup has already doubled in size and weighs just over 10 pounds.

“The entire organization celebrates Pup 681 as a meaningful way to educate our guests and have a better understanding of sea otters – which is critical to conserve and protect this species,” said Tim Binder, Vice President of Animal Collections for Shedd. “Over the past few weeks, she has won the hearts of many in Chicago and across the nation. We’re excited to team up with a national organization, to connect millions of people with this species inspiring conservation for wildlife and the environment through the engaging process of selecting a name for our sea otter with everyone.”