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Burt Reynolds sells stuff, swears ‘I am not broke’

By Ann Oldenburg/Gannett News Service

He’s selling some of his prized possessions, but Burt Reynolds says it’s not because he’s in financial trouble.

” I am not broke,” the 78-year-old actor told Entertainment Tonight. “I have been dealing with a business dispute for many years as well as a divorce settlement. I am simply selling some of my memorabilia that I have enjoyed for so many years but do not have use nor room for them anymore.”

The memorabilia sale, scheduled for Dec. 11 and 12 in Las Vegas, will offer clothing, a customized 1997 Dodge Ram pickup and trophies (including his 1998 Golden Globe for “Boogie Nights”).

Added Reynolds, “Quite frankly, I am sick of so many pictures of myself in my own home.”

Reynolds, who has had some health issues including back surgery in 2009 and a quintuple bypass in 2010, has also had some financial woes. He filed bankruptcy in 1998. And in 2011 he was facing foreclosure on his Jupiter, Florida, home.