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Twitter makes changes to its harassment reporting process

If you see something, click something.

Twitter announced changes today to its harassment reporting process and “block” function, allowing users who see abusive tweets to report them even if they’re not on the receiving end.

The idea behind the changes was to make the reporting process “much more mobile-friendly, require less initial information, and, overall, make it simpler to flag Tweets and accounts for review,” according to Twitter’s company blog.

After clicking “block or report” on a tweet, users now can file an optional report. That allows them to choose from several options, including, “This tweet is annoying,” “This tweet is spam,” “This account may be compromised,” and, “This user is abusive.”

The updates announced today will allow users to select additional information from a number of drop-downs, pinpointing the issue and who is being affected.

They are available now to a small number of users and will be rolled out to all Twitter users in the coming weeks, according to Twitter.

The company also plans to add more controls and features to its new blocked accounts page, accessible from the settings menu on That page now shows users the accounts they’ve blocked.

It also is making behind-the-scenes improvements “to the tools and processes that help us review reported Tweets and accounts,” it said.