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Report: Gordie Howe in ICU after another major stroke

Hockey great Gordie Howe has suffered another major stroke, his son told the Detroit Free Press on Monday.

Mark Howe said his father is in intensive care after suffering another stroke in Lubbock, Texas, where he had been staying with his daughter, Cathy. Other family members were on their way to Lubbock.

Howe, 86, had major strokes in October and November, but seemed to be recovering according to this AP story on Sunday:

The son of Gordie Howe says the Hockey Hall of Famer is comfortable as he recovers from the effects of a pair of strokes, his son said Sunday.

Mark Howe said his 86-year-old father’s vital signs are good and he’s aware of the reasons for his condition after an epidural procedure reduced pain stemming from summertime spinal surgery. Gordie Howe still faces a long road to recovery.

“He’s unable to walk and his speech is very minimal,” Mark Howe said. “After his first stroke, within a week, he was up to walking 40 to 50 feet.

“They did his first physical therapy after the epidural. He tried standing twice over 20 minutes and it took every ounce of energy he had and totally drained him.”

“Mr. Hockey” played on four Stanley Cup champions in Detroit and was named the NHL’s most valuable player six times in a 25-year career that began in 1946.