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Sun-Times Picks: Lions at Bears in Week 16

The Chicago Sun-Times experts make their picks for the Bears’ Week 16 matchup against the favored Lions at Soldier Field on Sunday.


Lions 31-13

Remember, this isn’t about Jimmy Clausen getting a shot. This is about Jay Cutler hitting the road. Don’t heap your expectations on a guy who is 1-9 as a starter in the NFL. Instead, cherish the very good possibility that the Bears will try to trade Cutler to some hapless team that thinks it can make him into a star. And try not to pay attention to the carnage on the field. Season: 8-6


Lions 45-14

Jimmy Clausen vs. the Lions. Winnie the Pooh vs. Godzilla. The little match girl vs. the Blizzard of `79. The ant vs. the man from Orkin. Those are images that come into this scribe’s fevered daydreams as parallels to what the Bears are laying before us Sunday. Bow and pray for mercy. Season: 9-5


Lions 27-24

Jimmy Clausen proves he’s got some Josh McCown-like magic in him with Marc Trestman whispering into his ear and performs admirably. But the Bears’ defense can’t stop a beach ball from going into hockey goal right now. Lions receiver Calvin Johnson goes off again and ruins Clausen’s Bears debut. Season: 7-7


Lions 31-17

Some of the Bears might rally around Jimmy Clausen and give the Bears’ offense the spark it needs. Then again, some of them might not. All bets are off with this team, which has shown no ability to respond to any scenario — positive or negative. The Lions are flawed but focused under Jim Caldwell. Season: 10-4


Lions 31-14

Jimmy Clausen just can’t be worse than the version of Jay Cutler that’s taken the field for the Bears the last few weeks. But with two days to practice? Against a Lions defense that allows a league-low 17 points per game? On THIS team? Poor kid. Season: 7-7


Lions 34-6

If Marc Trestman and Jimmy Clausen pull off an upset over the Detroit Lions this Sunday after working hard at their roles in the circus all week long, it will be the biggest upset in the history of the NFL. In fact, if Trestman is ever a head coach in the NFL again or Clausen ever gets another start in the league after next Sunday in Minnesota, those could be the second biggest upsets in the history of the league. Season: 9-5