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10 Players to Watch: Lions at Bears on ‘Jimmy Clausen Day’

In their own words, here are five Bears and five Lions to watch at Soldier Field on Sunday in Week 16.

Coach Marc Trestman

“I know [Jimmy Clausen will] give his best efforts. I know each and every guy is playing to win the game. That’s how we look at it, in that positive fashion.”

QB Jimmy Clausen

“The biggest challenge is playing the No. 1 defense in the NFL, having two days to prepare for them.”

QB Jay Cutler

“I’m still disappointed whether the pay me or don’t me. I don’t like being in this situation. I don’t like having to sit up here and answer these questions about me not being able to play on Sunday.”

OG Kyle Long

“He is a guy that obviously is going to be a great guard in this league.” – Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh

LB Jon Bostic

“We’ve played him at some different positions and he’s handled it and we feel real good about him going into this game.” – defensive coordinator Mel Tucker


QB Matthew Stafford

“With how well our defense is playing this year, you try to avoid negative plays and negative decisions as much as you possibly can.” (

WR Calvin Johnson

“You would kind of think that there would be some different things that they would throw in their game plan.” (CBS Detroit)

WR Golden Tate

“I believe in [Clausen] and I’m hoping that he makes the best of his opportunity for his last two games. In a perfect world he would play well and throw no touchdowns and we will win.” (Detroit Free Press)

DT Ndamukong Suh

“I don’t focus on things like that [my future contract]. I focus on the task at hand. … I’m looking forward to getting up there on Saturday and taking care of business on Sunday.”

S Glover Quin

“NFC Defensive Player of the week. It’s about time he’s started getting some recognition. The guy is a beast.” — Lions safety James Ihedigbo (FOX Sports)