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Top political Vines of 2014, ranked

Regardless of where they are or what the situation is, politicians are the king of the sound bite.

And thankfully, there are plenty of Vines of your favorite political figures out there. So who had some of the best this year?

Here’s a look at our choices for the top five, ranked:

5. Vice President Joe Biden, giving some moisturizing advice:

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4. First Lady Michelle Obama’s take “Turn Down for What.”

3. Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Washington, may be 77 years old, but he’s not afraid to wear some form-fitting attire and pay tribute to Bruce Lee.

2. While we’re not sure if this should qualify because it’s from across the pond, we’ll allow it. John Prescott is the former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and served as the UK Deputy Prime Minister from 1997-2007. He wanted everyone to know he was back on the campaign trail — and apparently never leaves home without an egg.

1. Without a doubt, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, wins the battle while doing his best Winston Churchill impersonation: