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As Bill Cosby lawyer blasts media, ex-co-star disses Bill

In a letter to CNN president Jeff Zucker, acquired by TMZ, Bill Cosby’s attorney accuses the cable news networks’ reporters of unfairly targeting Cosby by creating a special featuring model and actress Beverly Johnson — one of the women accusing the embattled star of inappropriate, unwanted sexual advances.

Marty Singer’s letter to Zucker claims CNN reporters contacted Mark Burk, Johnson’s live-in boyfriend from 2006-2009. According to Singer, Burk claimed Johnson “never said a negative statement about Bill Cosby throughout their entire four-year relationship. Burk told CNN that to the contrary, Ms. Johnson stated that she was an admirer of Bill Cosby and only said great things about Mr. Cosby.”

According to Singer, the reporters tried to pressure Burk to corroborate Johnson’s claims. He said that when Burk refused to back down, the reporters quickly ended the interview.

Singer’s letter accused CNN of being “reckless and malicious” for providing a national platform for an attack on Bill Cosby without including comments from others that would balance things out.

• In an unrelated Cosby case situation, a supporting cast member on “The Cosby Show” has become one of the first actors on the sitcom to comment on the scandal. Joseph C. Phillips, who portrayed Denise’s soldier husband, wrote on Facebook that he is upset with the TV legend, having come to “realize that your boyhood idol is a predatory scoundrel.”