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WATCH: Ferguson on Raiola incident — ‘You can’t take back what happened’

Bears defensive tackle Ego Ferguson left Sunday’s game against when Lions center Dominic Raiola appeared to stomp on his right ankle in the third quarter.

Ferguson was laying on the ground, face down, when Raiola appeared to — intentionally — step the side of his right ankle with his left cleat. The tackle walked limped off the field, while teammate Jeremiah Ratliff appeared to plead with an official.

“You all saw the play; I don’t have to explain that,” an annoyed Ferguson said after the game. “I felt like what needs to stay in between the lines needs to stay in between the lines.”

Ferguson, who returned to the game on the next possession, spoke with Raiola after the game. The center said he apologized.

“I was kind of stumbling,” Raiola said. “Totally unintentional. I talked to Ego at the end of the game. Everything was cool.

“Apologized, hugged it out, whatever you want to call it. Talked to (defensive end) Jared (Allen). Everything was cool. Stumbling, if you watch the whole play, stumbling, unintentional. I didn’t even see it. I was in the play.”

Asked about the postgame meeting, Ferguson was unbowed.

“None of that matters,” Ferguson said. “We all saw the play. You can’t take back what happened with that play, do you know what I mean? You saw the play.”

Raiola has a reputation. He was fined for swinging at a Patriots player last month; he dove at a New England player’s knees, too, but was not fined.

Raiola said the Bears thought it was intentional.

“Told them right away it was unintentional,” he said. “Talked to them at the end of the game, shook hands, Merry Christmas, and we move on.”