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Mike Shanahan: Jay Cutler ‘franchise-type’ QB

Mike Shanahan defended benched Jay Cutler on Sunday, even as some have speculated that the former Broncos and Redskins coach could have interest were the Bears job to come open.

Shanahan drafted Cutler in Denver and coached him for three seasons.

Speaking on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown,” he said he was “surprised” by the benching.

“Anytime you’re not with an organization it’s hard to say what Jay Cutler has done,” he said.

“I just know being with him in Denver that he’s got all the intangibles. Now, can you get that out of him? I really believe in Jay but he has to make a commitment that he’s going to get better and better.

“It’s going to be a group decision to get him over the top, but he is a franchise-type quarterback.”

Shanahan took the year away from the NFL after being fired by the Redskins after last season. He went 24-40 there.